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First, I would like to thank Ken Parsley, 105235.1201NO-SPAM@compuserve.com (Delete the words NO-SPAM) to contact him) for his submission of this game. It is a local favorite in the midwest and is even used in the Dakotas according to Ken.

X-Out: X-Out is an very enjoyable game for 2 teams or players. The game is played very similar to Cricket without points. I like this one alot.

The Object: The object of the game is to "close" all your numbers (20 down through 10). To close a number, you must hit three of that number.

The Scoring: The scoreboard is drawn with the numbers 20 through 10 written in descending order down the center of the board. Each dart that lands in any of the games numbers count toward closing that number. The thin outer ring counts as two of that number and is called a "double". The thin inner ring counts as three of that number and is called a triple. Scoring for one dart is shown by placing a slash ( \ ) next to the number scored. Scoring for two is shown by placing an X next to the number scored. Scoring for three is shown by placing a circle next to the number to indicate it is closed. When three of a number is scored in any combination, it is closed.

The Play: The players each take a turn throwing one dart at bulls-eye, closet dart to the bullseye gets to throw first. The first player throws three darts at any of the scoring numbers to try to close that number. The player then scores the darts that he has thrown and play alternates until one player/team closes all their numbers.

Strategy: There really isn't any strategy to this game, just try to close your numbers.

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