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Rules For Warfare

Warfare: This is a simple game of elimination that may be made as easy or as difficult as you wish by simply adjusting the playable area of each number used. Because the entire board is used, it is very good practice. It may be played by two players or teams.

The Object: To be the first player to eliminate your opponents soldiers.

The Scoring: The score board is divided into two columns with the player or team names written at the top of each column.
Each player (or one player from each team) throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first and chooses whether to be the "top" army or the "bottom" army.

The numbers 11, 14, 9, 12, 5, 20, 1, 18, 4 and 13 are written in the column of the "top" army. The numbers 6, 10, 15, 2, 17, 3, 19, 7, 16, 8 are writen in the column of the "bottom" army.

The Play: Each player takes a turn trying to "kill" each "soldier" in the opponents "army". A soldier is killed by hitting the area of the board where he is located. Each time a soldier is killed, that number is crossed off the scoreboard. When all the soldiers in one army have been eliminated, that army has lost the game.

In order to make the game more difficult, you may designate valid areas that need to be hit. For example, only the thin outer "doubles" ring may be used. You can also hadicap a weaker shooter this way: the stronger shooter has to hit the doubles ring while the weaker shooter only has to hit anywhere in the number.

By the way, if you shoot your own soldier, he dies. So be careful on the "border" areas.

Strategy: This game is not properly named. Warfare envolves alot of strategy, however, this game does not.

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