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First, I would like to thank Lasse Moberg, lmobergNO-SPAM@algonet.se (Delete the words NO-SPAM) to contact him) for his submission of this game.

Totaldart: This is by far the strangest "dart game" I have ever heard of! So strange in fact, I had to give it it's own category. You actually play 5 games simultaneously. Yup, you read correctly. The game may be played by 2 players or teams of any level of play.

The Object: The object is to win 3 out of the 5 sections of the game, first player to win three ends the game.

The Scoring: First, you need a large scoreboard for this game, or write SMALL. You'll need to setup scoring for each of the 5 games in each player/team's column as shown:
Each player throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first. The players' names are written across the top of the board in playing order.

The Play: Before I explain this, be sure you are familiar with each of the games that are being played:
Once you know how to play all of these games, you simply throw your three darts and attempt to apply what you threw to the score of each game. Remember that Halvers requires you to play in order, so be sure to hit at least one dart in the proper number for that round or you're Halvers score will be cut in half. This kind of makes the Halvers game the "key" game since all the other games you can throw anything in any order.

There is one slight change to the High/Low rules when used in this game. After both players have thrown their darts, compare the scores, lower score loses a life. The numbers are then forgotten and the new numbers thrown next round are used.

For example, you throw your first three darts and hit double-19, triple-19 and single-20 in that order. You would score the following:
  • 501: All darts count, so you add up the score for a total of 115 points, which leaves you a total of 386 in the 501.
  • 301: Your first dart was a double, therefore you got in with a score 115 points leaving you a total of 186 in the 301. If you did not hit a double, you would have no score in the 301 but the score would still have applied to the 501.
  • High/Low: You would write your total of the three darts, 115, in the column below the 5 marks to represent your lives. Your opponent must now hit a score of 115 or higher.
  • Cricket: You would close your 19's, mark 38 points and mark one 20.
  • Halvers: You would score 95 points in the top section for the five 19's. The 20 doesn't count because it is not the 20's round yet.
Got it? Sounds rough, but actually it's fun and moves pretty quick since all the games are scored together. Remember also that as soon as one player/team wins three of the sections, the game is over.

Personally, I like to just waste the Halvers section and concentrate on the Cricket numbers which also get you good scores on the 301,501 & High/Low. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, yet, I haven't played this too much yet.

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