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Rules For Steeplechase

Steeplechase: This is a game that may be played by any number of players. It is good practice because it makes you aim at areas of the board you might not normally try to hit.

The Object: To be the first to win the "race" by making your way around the course.

The Scoring: No scoring is needed as long as you can remember playing order and what number each person is up to.

The Play: One dart is thrown by each player at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first.

You must hit one dart in each number starting with 20 and continuing clockwise around the board until the 5 is hit. Only the thin wedge between the bullseye and the triples ring (the thin inner ring) count. Any darts that fall outside of this area do not count. All numbers must be hit IN ORDER. Any number of darts may be used to hit the current target number, but once the number is hit, you do not throw your remaining darts and your turn is over.

The rules are different when you must jump the "fences". The fences are located at 6, 3 and 11. To successfully jump a fence, you must hit the triple of the number that the fence is located at instead of the thin wedge. You are also limited to nine darts (three turns) to try to jump the fence. If you do not succeed in jumping the fence with nine darts, you are out of the race.

I have also heard of this game being played with four fences located at 13, 17, 8 and 5. I personally like the first method better. First the locations of the fences in this method are a little confusing to remember. Secondly, having the fence in the number 5 to win the race can be very frustrating. When I tried this method, there were several games where nobody won! We made it all the way around the course and couldn't nail a triple 5. Try both ways and see what you think.

Strategy: Don't fall off your horse, it really hurts.

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