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Rules For Soccer

Soccer: This is a game for two players or teams only. It is a very difficult game but is great practice because only bullseyes and doubles count.

The Object: To be the first player to score ten "goals".

The Scoring: No scoring is needed if you can simply remember each players points from one to ten.

The Play: One player from each team throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first.

In order to score a "goal", the players first must "take possesion of the ball". To take possesion, you must hit a bullseye (either a single or a double, it does not matter). Once you have possesion, you keep the ball until the other player/team takes possesion by hitting a bullseye.

Only the player/team that has possesion of the ball may score goals. To score a goal you must hit any double on the board. The doubles are the thin outer ring and the inner-bullseye. Any double you hit anywhere on the board counts as one goal and scores one point for you or your team.

Strategy: There isn't any.

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