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Rules For Football

Football: This is a fun game for two teams of 1-4 players. The rules are very simple, but the game is quite challenging.

The Object: The object is to be the first to score a predetermined number in a manner similar to American football.

The Scoring: One player from each team throws one dart a bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first. The team names are written on the board in order and a 0 placed next to each name to indicate the current score. The teams pick a side of the board to be their "goal line", either 11 or 6.

The Play: Each team has four "downs" to try to move the ball across the board and into their opponents goal. Each down conisist of three darts thrown and players on the team alternate for equal opportunity to play.

The playable area of the board is the Double-11, Large-11, Triple-11, Small-11, Bullseye, Double-Bullseye, Bullseye, Small-6, Triple-6, Large-6 and Double-6. One teams goal line is the Double-11 and the other team's goal line is the Double-6. The Double-Bullseye is the "50 yard line".

The first team starts at their own goal line, for example Double-6. They try to hit one dart in each number in order across the board. The team plays all 4 of it downs (a total of 12 darts) in a row to try to move the ball as far across the field as possible. At the end of the 4 downs, the other team "takes posession of the ball" where the original team left it and has 4 downs to try to move it back across the goal line.

If a team scores a goal (sequentially hitting all the target numbers across the board ending in the other team's goal line {the double 6 or 11}) that team earns 6 points and has an opportunity to throw for an extra point. An extra point is scored by throwing one dart in the 20. Where the dart lands in the twenty does not matter, it always scores as only one point.

After a goal is scored, the other team takes posession of the ball in it's own goal regardless of how many darts or downs the scoring team had left.

Strategy: Take your time and concentrate on the bullseyes. They are hard to hit, but once you get across, it's all down hill and the other team has to get the ball back across.

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