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Rules For Broad Jump

Broad Jump: Broad Jump is a very unique style of game similar only to it's cousin, High Jump. It may be played by any number of players or teams and is a good game to play with an odd number of people.

The Object: The object of the game is to "jump" further than your opponents.

The Scoring: Players names are written in order down the left side of the scoreboard. Order is usually determined by throwing one dart each at bullseye. Closest to the bullseye throws first, farthest throws last.

The Play: Each player in turn throws three darts trying to advance the target numbers to make the longest "jump". The targets are across the center of the board in order: Double-11, Large-11, Triple-11, Small-11, Bullseye, Double-Bullseye, Bullseye, Small-6, Triple-6, Large-6, Double-6.

For a dart to count, the targets must be hit in order, one dart each. Play begins with the Double-11, once the Double-11 is hit the player may now throw at Large-11 and so on across the board.

After the each player throws all three darts, the "furthest" target that was hit becomes the length of the jump and is written next to the player's name and play continues with the next player. The next time that player throws again, the target number is the next number after the old target. This means that each round extends the length of the jump.

If the player misses the target with all three darts, that player's jump is over and the last target that was hit becomes the final length of the jump. That player does not throw again.

After all players have missed their target with three darts, whoever's jump was longest wins the game. If more than one player have the same length jump at the end of the game or both made it all the way across the board, those players alone should play again to break the tie.

Strategy: Take your time and concentrate when you get to the bullseye area. They are hard to hit, but if you get past them, it's all down hill from there.

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