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Rules For 6-14

6-14: 6-14 is an fun game to play and great practice for x01. It has a fixed number of rounds and moves very quickly. It may be played by any number of players or teams.

The Object: The object of the game is to score the most points in a fixed number of rounds.

The Scoring: The numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are written down the center of the score board with the players names written in order across the top. Playing order is determined by a throw at bullseye, closest dart plays first.

The Play: Players take turns aiming at the thin outer "doubles" ring of the number of the round they are in. In the first round, play is for the double-6, in the second round play is for the double-7, etc. Only the double of the current number counts for any score.

Each dart that lands in the proper double scores that player 50 points. For example, in the first round a player shoots a single-5, double-6 and double-6, the players score would be 100 points.

If a player shoots at least one dart into the double of the target number, that player gets an additional throw of three darts at the 20. The total of the 20's is added up in the usual way, the thin outer "doubles" ring counting as two 20's (40 points). The thin inner "triples" ring counting as three 20's (60 points). The rest of the 20 counts as one 20 (20 points). If none of the target doubles are hit, the player is not allowed a throw at the 20's.

The sum of 50 points for each of the target number double is added to the sum of the 20's and the score is written in the player's column next to the target number.

Play continues alternating players/teams until the "14" round is complete. The scores are totalled and the higher scoring player/team wins.

Strategy: Try to score alot of points.

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