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Welcome to "The Most Complete Collection Of Dart Games On The Web". Here you'll find useful darting information for everyone from people thinking about taking up darts right through to experts! My main attraction, of course, are rules to more dart games than you'll find anywhere else. All of them are unique, not just variations on the same old games. Some were discovered on my travels around the world, some in local bars, some in books, and a few on the web but you'll never find a bigger collection anywhere else!

  • If you're thinking about taking up darts for the first time, be sure to visit my "Darts 101" section, where you'll find out why you should play darts, how to play darts, how to speak darts and other valuable info.

  • If you're looking for a GREAT way to track your progress and practice you've got to see Brian McCabe's practice spreadsheets & charts!

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